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About Us

About SalesDouble.com

Clear Choice Solutions, the parent company of SalesDouble.com, is a business to business marketing firm founded in 1997 by a group of industry veterans looking for a better way to generate sales. Clear Choice's focus is helping small and medium size businesses more effectively penetrate their target market through the use of new and unique tools backed up by old fashioned phone marketing. Providing immediate return on investment and trackable, predictable, results, we help businesses dramatically increase profit while reducing the overall cost per sale. We realize that every dollar invested to generate additional sales must provide the necessary return on investment rather than cutting into profits. We are able to deliver on our promise of the finest results at a reasonable price by using state of the art technology, personnel at the top of their specialty, and by cutting out the layers of bureaucratic inefficiency present at other firms.

Our philosophy is simple: to provide clients with considerable increases in sales at the lowest per sale cost available.

Services We Provide

Rather than paying for a list or hoping the list given to you is accurate, SalesDouble creates a perfect list for new lead generation and continues to keep the database clean and updated. Rather than outsourcing to a variety of lead generation options such as telemarketing companies, SalesDouble generates the leads for you from this new list. Rather than hiring a marketing company to make sure your message hits home, SalesDouble creates, tests, and perfects your marketing message from its in depth team of marketing genius on staff. Rather than using ACT or Sales Force or other software that becomes a chain around your neck, SalesDouble handles all the lead creation and follow up for you…not software which theoretically makes your business life easier…a staff behind the scenes that actually DOES THE WORK FOR YOU. Rather than spending too many of your weeks productive hours in the mode of prospecting, follow up, and chasing prospects, SalesDouble handles the whole process for you just like a private assistant would.

Our Mission

Leaders of countries use a double for protection and assistance. Great film and stage stars use a double for convenience and comfort. Dedicated Sales Professionals deserve a sales double to protect their financial futures, assist and enhance their performance, for their comfort and convenience, and mostly the financial intelligence behind the decision. Our mission is to reach out to the business to business industries that fit our service “hand and glove” and work together to produce the highest return on investment of any sales and marketing program available. Helping professionals and small businesses to increase sales and profits while concurrently gaining more free time and improving their internal organization.


Starting out as a web design company over a decade ago, the owners quickly found that more than a website their clients needed to literally borrow the in house telemarketing crew that they had built to drum up website business. Once the service of telemarketing became the main product, it became clear that new web based marketing materials, “E-brochures”, were needed to nurture prospects over time and clearly explain the benefits the clients were offering. Once the product offering began to encompass a website, telemarketing calls, and email marketing materials, it became clear that the average client was too busy to properly maintain the new leads flowing into their pipeline which is when the “Follow Up Fanatic” program was created which is the precursor to SalesDouble.com


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, SalesDouble has custom built offices that separate the various duties performed for each client while still enabling a synchronistic flow of data within each department. List Department, HR and Callers, Customer Service, Data Base Management, Technology Department, and a team of support and management all work within the same building in perfect harmony to ensure our clients reach their goals.

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