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Placing Outbound Calls and Engaging Actual Prospects

Think about when your business makes a reasonably large decision. Do you wait for someone to come to you or do you seek out the answers you need on the Internet? Most of us hit the web and do research and in that process find a plethora of options often some that head us down a completely different direction than we started.

What if someone had reached you at just the right time before you hit the Internet's mass of options and opened a dialog that perfectly solved the problem that was pressing your company? You'd probably have welcomed their professionalism and picked a solution that fit your needs perfectly and the ideal "win-win" scenario would have been achieved. You would not have had to waste countless hours seeking different options and the vendor you picked would become your knight in shining armor.

Telemarketing (Direct dials to the right decision makers) is a powerful proactive technique to get to your ideal prospect before that prospect unleashes Pandora's box and goes down the trail of research that can lead them to the false promises of so many companies. Do you want to be first in the door or clumped in with the minions all vying for a piece of the action?

Due to the Internet being run by people who are frankly too pompous or too chicken to do what's worked for a century, taking the initiative to pick up the phone and call a decision maker, we're led to believe that Internet marketing is hot while telemarketing is cold. We love the fact that fewer and fewer companies use telemarketing as that only helps our results.

Together we'll draft a script that gets past the gatekeeper and into the mind of the decision maker. Our callers are the finest in the nation. Currently we've hired over 3,000 callers over the last 15 years who claim to be the best in the business by their resumes. From that group we have over 100 callers that truly are the best and many have been with us for over a decade now. We pair up the callers expertise and accent with the right projects. We never have a gal from the Bronx calling into the South or visa versa and only certain callers call or IT, Insurance, etc.

If you're ready to take your company to a new high, let our team of expert callers go to work for you pounding through the list we create and opening doors to new opportunities. Call or Email us today !

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