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Creating the Perfect Target List of Prospects

Have you ever considered if 30% of the target prospects you market to are actually incorrect data never reaching the intended recipient, you just wasted 30% of your entire marketing budget right from the very first step?

There are several aspects to reaching the right type of prospect for your particular offering. Do you know which industries are performing well in this economy and can afford you? Have you ever considered how contact ratio and length of time to close can affect your cash flow? These things are crucial to your overall marketing campaigns and we are experts at honing in to improve results.

Most lists, whether you're doing a mailing, telemarketing, email blasts or other, originated from one of the major list providers. The major list providers claim they are updating data constantly but when is the last time you've been called by Dun and Brad or InfoUSA and asked about how many employees you have or the size of your office? In fairness it's an uphill battle for list providers as businesses change constantly plus what private business owner is going to divulge what their revenues are or other private information?

Along with the list providers data being incorrect, just because you subscribe to SalesGenie for over $2,000 per year, they don't have the ability to tell you which industries are the best for your particular offering, which have the best contact rate or which have the fastest closing cycles.

SalesDouble dials up to 10 million businesses per year , with the most professional callers in the business collecting and updating data so our own database is as accurate as possible. When we call a business for a business broker and learn that business is earning revenues of just over 1 million per year, but the list provider claimed they were at 10 million, we update our in-house data to the benefit of all of our clients.

Knowing who to call and all the other many filters that are available so that you can pursue the most probable target is almost a science. With one major list provider, if you don't click the "one professional" filter (button) then you may end up paying for 100 names for one company when all you wanted was the single headquarters phone number. With many list providers, if you don't specify you want only the headquarters or single location, you end up with all the branch locations too and it's possible for your offering you need to speak with the decision makers only which often are not at the branches.

Those are just some of the many facets of how important and detailed it is to generate a target list of prospects that are your most likely candidates. SalesDouble includes your target list as a regular part of your program at no additional cost. We'll work with you to isolate the best candidates and even send you a copy of the list both for you to review and for your records and future use.

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