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Farmers Insurance Agent doubles his book of business ...read more

Sales Double.com,

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I can’t say enough about Bonnie and your staff of callers. The professionalism and prompt assistance has helped me transition from a sometime commercial agent to a bona fide commercial agent. I have been in the insurance business for 28 yrs and with your company since 2008. I have doubled the size of my commercial book.

In the past I would have to hire a licensed solicitor, pay the overhead, train the solicitor and hope that we would get results. Your system is so turn key, it’s almost too easy. Like others I’ve spent way too much time and money looking for prospects to see what works. Instead of spending my time looking for clients, I’m selling insurance and that’s the name of the game.



Richard Hefner
Hefner Insurance Agency-Farmers Insurance Group of Companies 3300 Watt Ave
Sacramento, Ca.95821

Internet Technology Firm expanding their business through SalesDouble program ...read more

Technology Company Finds a Solution with SalesDouble.com

We have looked at telemarketing companies and tried in-house resources. Our most recent in-house telemarketer had just left the job when Eric called. He was polite, to-the-point and very professional. Eric said all the right things and didn’t ‘push’ me into a decision. I signed up that day or the next day for Sales Double. Eric is the reason I signed up and am very glad that I did.

I have been very satisfied with the service and the attention from your team. Eric called to ask me to be a reference which I was happy to do for him. While we were on the phone, he went over our experience with the service and made several good recommendations for improvement. He handled the details with Bonnie and that was most appreciated.

The service has been very good for us. Glad we found you or should I say - glad that Eric found us! Please send him our compliments for a job well done and a very satisfied client!

Mary S. Hester, CEO
Lan Systems
Norcross, GA 

Commercial Real Estate Agency acquiring new listings and sales with SalesDoubles incredible UNLIMITED FOLLOW-UP ...read more

As a seasoned pro in the competitive Southern California marketplace, I was skeptical that there was anything I was missing when it came to working smarter and penetrating my target market more effectively.

A very successful friend, who is a Mergers and Acquisitions specialist, referred me to Clear Choice and based on his success, it sparked my curiosity.

For those who are not familiar with the program, Clear Choice provides a target list based on your goals, calls into the business owners of that target market and isolates who has an interest in buying, selling, or leasing space. If they’re ready to transact now then the balls in my court. If they are a ways down the road still, then Clear Choice continues to nurture and pursue them until they are ready to talk.

They handle all the follow up, sending of email marketing tools, and act like a private sales force for me so that I can do what I do best – close deals!

Clear Choice (SalesDouble) is effective! I’m already closing and working multiple deals after a few short months.

Clear Choice (SalesDouble) is professional! They conduct business in a manner that represents me well.

Clear Choice (SalesDouble) is affordable! Compare the ROI of this marketing system to any other available to the commercial real estate industry, and it wins hands down.

If you’re looking for a smarter, cost effective way to increase sales, grab your territory before your competitor does.

Chris Barbieri
ANR Asset Management Brokerage
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Dental Lab increasing sales by picking up new dentists thanks to SalesDoubles lead generation ...read more

SalesDouble has proven to be a fantastic tool in my marketing campaign. I never have to worry about setting time aside from my busy schedule to make those contacts that are so vital to my business. They provide a very thorough list of dentists within my target area, allow me to approve the calling list, and then their talented sales team calls prospective clients with a pre-scripted offering from my lab.

What they do is create a warm client base for me to work from, those that are genuinely interested in learning more about my lab and its services. Every lead is documented, phone or in person appointments are set, and all I have to do is complete the process and close the deal! It's really that easy.

The quality and the professionalism of the SalesDouble's callers are what you would expect from your own staff member. Often I have asked prospective offices to share their initial contact experience with my lab thru the SalesDouble caller, and everyone has expressed to me that they thought that the caller was right there, calling from my office. Another HUGE benefit, now my laboratory has been exposed to 200 new dentists every month that I don't work for. How can you put a price on that kind of exposure!

I have been working with SalesDouble for about 2 years now, and quite frankly, I have trouble keeping up at times with all the quality leads that they send my way !

Curt Winterroth
Seattle Dental Arts
Seattle, WA

Business Broker gets new listings and increases sales the SMART WAY ...read more

 I got involved with SalesDouble because quite frankly I just became more successful and had to spend more time with my existing clients. Business Brokers to be successful have to be productive and employ great time management and by that I mean balancing the time between #1 serving your current listings, getting their sellers through the selling process and #2 always keeping that pipeline full, which involves of course marketing and that’s where SalesDouble comes in and they make it very easy. 

SalesDouble has saved me a lot of time; time cost money. SalesDouble #1 has a very very professional staff of people and a number of the callers that I deal with on a weekly basis – they’re all good and they all get through.  SalesDouble is excellent on getting email addresses for me too.  Most of the other call services don’t stress getting email addresses. Email addresses are essential because many of the contacts are not ready to currently sell but they might be in a year and we can set up an ongoing drip campaign through SalesDouble to get these people interested in 6 months, a year, 2 years down, which leads me to the other big differentiation between SalesDouble and the other and that is your follow up program through your website after a contact is made. It’s just phenomenal quite frankly and there’s nothing like it that I’m aware of in this country today. And that being said, by harvesting an email address for me, we’re able to follow up with emails – all done automatically. I set up the time table then it’s just done and I forget about it SalesDouble does everything. And these pieces that mailed out are actually pieces that they allow me to create with my logo, whatever I want to say, so they’re personalized to me. The Last thing is that even if I get a lead through say a referral I can put them into the SalesDouble system and allow emails to go out to those people. So it’s just a phenomenal system.

SalesDoubles follow-up system is unequaled…once you’re using their follow up system and you use it efficiently you get where you can’t do without it.

Henry Weaks
Henry Weaks, Business Sales & Acquisitions
Woodland Hills, CA

SalesDouble Perfects the Sales Process So You Just Quote and Close More! ...read more
I have been using SalesDouble for over a year and it's helped tremendously with me reaching my production goals. They're system is completely different than any other lead company I have used in the past. They listen to your needs and take the time to customize the list to your specifications. It saves me countless hours in prospecting potential customers. Better close ratios and better clientele!


James D. Chapman
Chapman Insurance Group Inc.
Nationwide Insurance  


Wally Wallace
Wallace Insurance Group, LLC
Weatherford, Texas

I put SalesDouble on hold partly because I had to, you know, it was a great service and I had more than I could physically handle.

Our target market is small to mid-size commercial and we’re now ready to start with SalesDouble again.

I literally had to stop the service because I was the main producer making the follow-up calls, and it was literally more than I could possibly handle.   We had one account the total premium is over $25,000. It’s a commercial contractor and we’re picking up auto, general, and workers comp.  We’ve written several contractors off this program.

We tried a web-based program out, but it was not getting us the type of clientele we were after and so we quit it.  SalesDouble gets the right type client I'm looking for.

So, actually, we’re a company who tried something else and realized there’s really nothing better than you guys. 

Endodontist even benefit by marketing with SalesDouble.  Check out this Endodontic Groups review of SalesDouble.com ...read more

Phoenix Endodontic Group
Kevin Conroy

 As Practice Administrator for the Phoenix Endodontic Group, I have many responsibilities including keeping our team of doctors busy.

I needed a way to increase patient flow that was both professional and effective.  SalesDouble.com was recommended as a sales and marketing partner that could open the door to the pool of dentists in our Phoenix Metro area and not require a great deal of my time.

 SalesDouble provided a list of all the dentists, which we vetted to our liking.  They then wrote a script and created email marketing items off our website so they could continue to market to interested parties over time.  Within just a few months of them getting on the phone we had found some great new dental offices that sent work to us and helped us on our way to significantly increased revenues.

 I like the way SalesDouble is able to get our message out and explain to potential new clients the sophisticated equipment we’ve added and the other advantages of using P.E.G. .  My review of SalesDouble is that if you want to increase sales quickly and affordably, SalesDoubles System is unbeatable in the marketplace.

Business Brokers review of SalesDoubles full Marketing program ...read more

The foundation of our business is assisting entrepreneurs and business owners realize the American Dream of owning and then successfully selling their greatest investment, their business.   For the last four years in the State of Utah, we have worked with the professionals at SalesDouble to help inform business owners of our services and how we can help them. SalesDouble is not a calling service as much as it is a platform for professionally and consistently creating relationships with our clients.   SalesDouble has used their vast experience to help us target the right companies for our services and in so doing opened up a lot of opportunities for us.

Yet, the most powerful component of the SalesDouble program is that it builds with time.  With the help of SalesDouble, Transworld Business Advisors of Utah has a prospect list well into the hundreds that has been receiving a consistent message from us through SalesDouble’s proprietary system.  As a business owner myself, I understand the difference in someone just trying to sell me something as opposed to counseling me.   The SalesDouble program is allowing us to cater our message in such a way that our clients and our prospect’s aren’t just hearing from us when we want something, they are hearing from us over time with information that is helpful to them in preparing their business for transition.  This strategy capitalizes on the single most important factor when it comes time for a business owner to decide who to hire to sell their business…trust.  Trust is established a lot of ways but one is being a consistent and informative source for useful and relevant information.  Through a tailored campaign, SalesDouble has provided us a platform to demonstrate that we are not just business brokers but trusted advisors and counselors to our clients.  

If you are serious about wanting to not just sell to your clients but to also be a valuable resource to them, SalesDouble offers a powerful tool to help you in that endeavor.  Make no mistake, SalesDouble can open up immediate doors for you and it’s always exciting when that happens but more than that, they will position your business to be first company your client thinks of when they need your services and that is the strongest lead can you ever have.”  

Saul Komisar
Transworld Business Advisors
801 889-1868

Read this Insurance Agency's review of SalesDouble "extremely happy" ...read more

Webb Insurance becomes a key player thanks to Sales Double.

As a leading Full Service Agency in the St. Louis/St. Charles area, Webb Insurance has been able to become a key player in the Commercial Market, this is in great part due to the hard and dedicated efforts of Sales Double.

Having Sales Double is like having an in-house team who will generate leads in a professional and cordial manner. We are extremely happy with the quality of service and responsiveness from Bonnie and her team.  

Sales Double has been a pivotal partner as well as a true asset to our company, would recommend Sales Double to anyone looking to increase their sales.

Thank you,

Al Rodriguez
Commercial Accounts Sales Manager
Webb Insurance
636 946-0001

Billing Company review of SalesDouble.com ...read more

Testimonial - APS Billing

I am a small business owner with not a lot of marketing dollars, however I was intrigued by my first phone call from Sales Double.   I just couldn't justify the cost at the time and frankly I was skeptical.   I have tried my hand at cold calling and just could not get to the decision maker. I couldn’t imagine they could do better than me.  Then I realized that my employees typically block sales calls for me and here I was talking to Sales Double.  They obviously knew what to say. 

After a year of putting off taking the leap, I finally did!  I am really happy with their services.  I seem to get leads all the time and while most do not generate an account, I have had several that have and it's paid for itself.  I am a big believer in timing and with the follow up of Sales Double, I will certainly be fresh in the minds of the potential clients when they need my service.   I am sure I will be a customer of Sales Double for a long time.

Margo Tockerman  APS Billing  Decatur, GA  404-270-9635 - www.APSBilling.net

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