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Video: Appointment Setting - The Presentation

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Transcript of "Appointment Setting - The Presentation"

Hi Kelly Smith with SalesDouble.com and this is the 3rd video discussion in our series about getting in person appointments…you know over the last ten years a frequent comment I hear is I don’t want a bunch of leads that aren’t ready to commit I want the one that is ready now. Its important to understand that as your Sales Double our job is to go through hundreds and thousands of prospects to narrow it down to a handful who tell us they have interest and then you only have to sift through that handful to see who is going to put money in your pocket.

If we try to do your job and dig deeper to the level of commitment on that first call…its too soon…its like asking someone on a first date if they’ll marry you…the courting process in business involves knowledge that only you have as the expert. It involves them reviewing your offering from emails we send or getting the prospect to evaluate your website or nurturing over time and placing multiple callbacks…and the beauty is we do all that for you so while we too are looking for that one call close …that 3% group who is ready now…its dangerous to throw the baby out with the bathwater and prejudge the prospect from just the initial first call. So we dial thousands and deliver a prequalified group to you and from that group you’ll strike some gold.

So your first P in the previous video revolved around prospects. Moving on your second P is about presentation which involves everything from your script and how it gets you past the gatekeeper through to the decision maker on a cold call, your marketing collateral whether it be print or email, and most importantly your marketing message. Your presentation is about getting the exact right message through to the exact right person or persons. So each one of these could be a full and lengthy subject of their own but let’s at take a bite into each one beginning with script.

How do you get past the gatekeepers? Maintain control of the conversation with an attitude that what you have to offer has tremendous value. Here at Sales Double we use a combination of Chet Holmes techniques getting past gatekeepers and Sean McPheat out of the UK who’s blog at MTDsalestraining.com has a ton of powerful and up to date tips. Once you reach the decision maker its time to be short and powerful but it still has to make sense in their minds…sometimes you need to use phrases like “I’m calling because…. Or if you have a moment I wanted to ask…or other conversational words so their mind can catch up and accept the main short powerful point you’re going to make.

Most importantly on the script is make a strong statement to draw their interest and then ask permission to move deeper into the conversation. Your goal is to determine if interest is strong enough for an appointment and then if so close for the appointment. We try to keep our opening scripts to under 50 words maximum and that includes who we are and why we’re calling and everything in between. This is the time to use your stadium pitch or elevator pitch or whatever most powerful statement you have to offer.

So while your script is short and powerful at the opening it should be built around your overall marketing materials messages. Probably the hardest thing for any company to do is get its message right. A message to the prospect that illuminates how you can help them, sets you apart from your competitor so you’re the logical choice, and moves them to action as soon as possible.

Not an easy task so let’s take the example of a difficult product to sell due to the competition and commoditization and that product is insurance. So how can I help someone as an insurance agent? Well I could offer better service …if someone called you and said I may be higher in price but I’ll be there when you need me would you switch insurance…some will but most don’t. So how do you set yourself apart…how about “I specialize in your industry and we may be able to lower your rates while actually increasing coverage…do you know if your current coverage protects you if your business shut downs for a time period…that’s called interruption insurance?” This type of policy would be a BOP or business owner’s policy and often include things like business interruption insurance that a shop isn’t currently getting…so we’ve set ourselves apart from our competitor and opened up a conversation, now we need to close for the in person if they had interest or make a rebuttal statement if that didn’t get their attention. Something like “Well our underwriters are changing prices constantly and I just saved a similar business over $600 per year …can I do a quick review and make sure you’re protected and paying the lowest price and I promise to make it painless…could I swing by for just 20 minutes sometime next week?” So for the script we get their attention, set ourselves apart, and move them to action all in 50 words or less.

When it comes to marketing materials you want to stay with that message and elaborate on it, and expand and enhance it. But your marketing materials still need to capture attention and make that main point. If I can’t get your main point from whatever marketing you’re hitting me with then it isn’t working…you need to refine it. If you’re a client of ours…we handle all that for you.

Alright so we’re calling exactly the right prospects and we’re delivering exactly the right message in our presentation…time for another P. See you on the next video.

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