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Video: Appointment Setting - The Truth About Paying For In Person Appointments

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Transcript of "Appointment Setting - The Truth About Paying For In Person Appointments"

Hi Kelly Smith again and I’m going to tell you the truth I’ve learned about paying for in person appointments. If you’re a business broker or insurance agent or financial planner and the list goes on then big money comes from having a week filled with in person appointments. So the question is “how do you get them?”

Well even if I loved getting on the phone which I don’t or loved to go networking for referrals which I don’t I make my real money when I’m across the table from a good prospect helping solve their problem not randomly dialing the phone or chasing prospects down so I’m going to do the wise thing and outsource my lead generation. I’m going to pay a small amount to those who are experts so I can make a big amount.

So I notice from hitting the web that I can pay a specific amount for each in person appointment so let me tell you the truth that I found out about how that works. When you’re doing lead generation you’re going to run across a wide spectrum of interest levels for your product from zero interest and never will have any to I’m ready to buy now. In the new Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes program where they teach the Core Story or Stadium Pitch concept of education based selling they call this the 3% group, the ones that are ready NOW. The truth is it’s a very small percentage you are trying to find.

So if you agree to pay someone say $100 for each in person appointment they set you …they have no incentive to uncover the true interest level of the prospect…their only goal Is to get you in the door with anyone possible so that they make their 100 bucks-they have their survival interests in mind- not yours.

So here’s an example of how bad it can get… they call a business owner named Mr. Allen: and say Mr. Allen can we quote you on your property and casualty insurance and he says no thanks and then they say Mr. Allen I understand how busy you probably are but in just a few moments time you could put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket by letting us quote and he says well I just shopped it recently like I do every year and I think I’ve got a good price and they say look Mr. Allen we appreciate your wisdom but we don’t have to tell you your smartest decision is to help the success of your company and providing for your family so we’re going to be in your area anyway next Wednesday would a morning or afternoon appointment be better? And john says really I appreciate the call but I’m just a small business and things are going so slow lately I don’t even know how I’m going to keep the door open and they say perfect you just answered your own question john…you’ll keep the doors open by wise spending choices so lets agree to Wednesday at 1pm and if we cant put a smile on your face then nothings been lost…

So congratulations you just paid 100 for the privilege of driving across town to meet a guy who had no interest to begin with, admitted he shops insurance all the time so your retention rate even if you signed him would be miserable, and he has a business that would be a small sale and may not even be around next year.

This model of only paying for in person appointments is flawed from the beginning. So what about those company’s that offer guarantee’s…read the fine print because their guarantee is centered around the appointment not your conversion of the appointment into real dollars. That would be commission only telemarketing… So whats the right way to get in person appointments? The right way involves four specific steps and I share what I learned about those four steps in the next video so for those of you who only want in person appointments don’t watch the next video where I explain how marketing has changed and when you go for appointments only you’re missing over a full third of your market.

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