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Video: How Does the Program at SalesDouble.com Work ?

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Transcript of "How Does the Program at SalesDouble.com Work ?"

I want to double my income, but since I can't just double my prices, I need to double my effort, in order to get twice as many sales.

Well, I'm already working over 40 hours per week doing all this.

So what I need is a salesdouble, to improve and enhance these necessary tasks, allowing me to spend more time in front of better quality prospects.

I don't have to tell you, you make your money across the table from someone finding solutions to their problems...

not messing with lists, randomly dialing the phone, and chasing prospects all over town.

Compare this old inefficient way sales generally trudge along, to the new sales process offered by SalesDouble.com. It's clear to me, that for all this, it's not costing me $89 a week to have my own SalesDouble, it's making me money...it only costs me money when I operate like this.

Click expand data to see how thorough and complete your sales process can be...it's all done for you...you don't have to lift a finger.

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