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Video: How Much Does SalesDouble.com Cost and What's My ROI ?

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Transcript of "How Much Does SalesDouble.com Cost and What's My ROI ?"

The other day driving through my favorite coffee house it, cost over twelve dollars for just me and a friend and I got to thinking for the same price, I can get my sales doubled, my marketing perfected, my database culled and cleaned, and not have to mess with any follow-up.

Using a sales double doesn't cost me money, it makes me money.

A complete pricing schedule is below, and if your time is worth more than ten bucks per hour, then it only makes sense to outsource the tedious, repetitive, and mundane but necessary tasks and my time is worth way more than that...

so I figure if I'm using salesdouble.com to get more business and better quality business, and my competition is not, I win.

If you don't have a sales double I suggest you call to see if one is available, and then discuss what kind of return on investment you can get by having your own sales double working for you.

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