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Video: What's the Bottom Line and What Do I Get From SalesDouble.com?

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Transcript of "What's the Bottom Line and What Do I Get From SalesDouble.com ?"

Simply put, I want more income...which means I need more sales.

Well, sales is just a numbers game, which means I need to improve my numbers.

I need a better prospect list, more of the right type of prospects, better conversions to sales, and so much more.

I used to have to go to a list provider for names, then manage the database myself with different software...

Then I still had to actually reach the prospect with mailers or phone callers. Then I'd have to write and send marketing materials, then I had to track results with other software, and oh, ya, try to find the time to follow up.

So I could do all that myself with a ton of different applications or I could just turn it over to SalesDouble.com, who does it perfection for me and I don't have to touch a thing...

Now I just spend my time in close mode, where I make the most money. It's simple, for the cost of a Starbucks or two, I double my sales and double my income.

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