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Creating an Effective Marketing Message to Attract Clients

Sales and marketing, what's the difference. Does a small business even need to do marketing? For over one hundred years selling involved identifying your client, presenting your products and closing the sale. Whether it was a donkey with a sign or a team of Zig Ziglar trained salespeople following up on leads that were originated from trade shows, selling was pretty much the same linear process.

When the Internet erupted, a whole new ball game began...for a while. In the early days of the Internet, whoever was first to the show reaped the rewards, but that was a long time ago. Nowadays if you're an insurance agency good luck getting to page one ahead of Nationwide Insurance's site and Farmers Insurance's site, etc. If your product is unique and page one placement is not problem, keep in mind that if they're searching for you and looking at your site then they're also looking at every competitors site. While a "looky-loo" is better than nothing, a prospect viewing your site is of little value if they don't reach out and connect with you.

If you research "marketing" on the Internet, what shows up? Internet solutions. Kind of a no-brainer that those who make their living off the web and can easily flood their niche with content are the ones that show up on a search. Does that mean their solution produces the best results or their own marketing ranks highest on searches? Good question.

Our approach to helping your business grow centers around direct calls to the decision makers of your best candidates along with professional email marketing campaigns and unlimited follow-up, all performed by us because we've proven for the last 15 years that's what works best!

Do we work for every industry? No and we'll tell you up front if we don't think we're your best solution. With our program you can cancel with just a few weeks notice so if we can't put money in your pocket then we know you'll quit and we both lose so why even start.

What we excel at is perfecting the sales process for B2B. We perfect a list of your prime targets and then create a psychologically powerful script that gets past the gatekeeper and through to the decision makers minds. Our callers which are truly the best in the nation then generate prospects and if they're ready to talk to you then BOOM you're up to bat. If the prospect wants information before speaking with you then we begin an email marketing campaign that could be as short as 30 days or go for years. At the end of those email marketing campaigns we pick up the phone and re-gauge interest level and try again to get you in front of the prospect. The beauty is we do all the work while you just watch via our proprietary online system you can log in to. We follow-up FOREVER until they tell us to go away or they become your new client. We open the doors and find interest and you just do what you do best... present and close.

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