What's Included in the Setup Fee

Professionally written scripts customized to fit you and your business.

We’ll work with you to determine the most common and important pain points in your industry and the benefits of your service to solve those issues. We know not every business is the same, so we’ll work with you to customize your script to fit you and your business.

Targeted, custom business name list

Based on experience and knowledge of many different B2B industries, SalesDouble will help you target a custom list of prospects to best fit your goals for the growth of your business. We used a combination of list sources including infoUSA, Dun and Bradstreet, 3rd party list providers, as well as our own internal database to give you the best quality list money can buy.

Responsive Email Marketing Materials

This process consists of delivering timely and relevant messages ideal for where the prospect is in their journey in order to help guide them to the next steps towards converting.

Online Lead Management System

We make professional outbound dials and send expertly-designed marketing materials on your behalf, but how do we help you keep track of your prospective clients? We provide you with an effective CRM system to help organize your prospects and other information. This system allows you to not only see the details of what we are doing for you but allows you to take control with just a click of a button. It is user-friendly and is easy to navigate. There are many features to use with our CRM system, including notes from your callers, marketing follow-up, calendar integration with reminder emails, and much more. Explore the possibilities of your new CRM system today.